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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Pay it Forward

I would like to implement a more humanitarian approach to this Gmail Pay it Forward chain. Here is our new rule:
When you receive your Gmail invite, aside from passing on invites, you are obligated to Pay it Forward with 3 good deeds
What good deeds? Anything will work. Do something special for someone and tell them to Pay it Forward to three people. If you can't think of anything, donate to the United Way, Buckner Orphan Care International or one of your own choosing. Please don't use a charitable donation as each of your good deeds, unless you can make it on a personal level to get someone else to Pay it Forward.

Get Gmail, Do Good Blog for you to comment your good deeds. Please really get out and do good, share the link with your friends and help people.

DO NOT COMMENT HERE To be put on the list, you must comment on the appropriate post below.


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