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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Gmail Invites for $1*

If you want to buy a Gmail invite, leave your post your email here or use the Buy Now link on the right. I accept payment through PayPal and you can get your invite as soon as the money clears. Send your payment to and email me a message letting me know you sent a payment.

*Actual cost went up to $5.46 due to shortage of invites and PayPal fees

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Pay it Forward

I would like to implement a more humanitarian approach to this Gmail Pay it Forward chain. Here is our new rule:
When you receive your Gmail invite, aside from passing on invites, you are obligated to Pay it Forward with 3 good deeds
What good deeds? Anything will work. Do something special for someone and tell them to Pay it Forward to three people. If you can't think of anything, donate to the United Way, Buckner Orphan Care International or one of your own choosing. Please don't use a charitable donation as each of your good deeds, unless you can make it on a personal level to get someone else to Pay it Forward.

Get Gmail, Do Good Blog for you to comment your good deeds. Please really get out and do good, share the link with your friends and help people.

DO NOT COMMENT HERE To be put on the list, you must comment on the appropriate post below.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Did you send an Invite? Did you receive one? Let us know!

What do you do with them? Well we'd love for you to Pay them Forward on our blog. The Candidate list is on the right, emails are linked (remove 'NOSPAM' when sending the invitation). To keep things organized, I ask that you comment to this post as soon as you send someone an invite and tell us who received it. Once you have your Gmail address secure, please post here and we'll take you off our list completely. Thank you.

If our list isn't updated and you are unsure who to send an invite to, either save them for later, send them to myself: or visit Melissa's Blog and invite someone on her list.

If you comment here requesting to be put on our list, your comment will be deleted and ignored. Comment to the appropriate post, please.

Request an Invite (Read Carefully)

Comment to this post to put your name on our waiting list. Please include your name and email address.

If we find that you have double posted (to this blog and Melissa's blog) then you will be removed from each.

Only comment if you really promise to pass on your invites to this blog's candidates. We will be starting our list with a group of individuals from Melissa's blog and anyone who comments to this will be placed on the list after them.

We will be very strict in choosing whose names get on the list. We don't want anyone double posting and otherwise acting like a fool.

Also, don't be lazy and just post your name then complain about not getting an invite. To speed up the process, we need more invites to start with. Use chatrooms and other blogs to convince people with Invites to donate them to one of the people on our list. Go out and get us some invites!

Get Gmail, Do Good When you get your Gmail invite, you are are asked to Pay it Forward with Invites as well as three good deeds. Click here for more information.

Check out my Gmessenger Concept (opens in new window).


This FAQ will be updated often. If you have a question, please comment here.

When will I get my Gmail account?
We can't be certain, but it's first come, first serve. When your name is on the list on the right, then you'll see how far you are from getting one.

Why don't I have invites?
You don't automatically get invites right away. Wait and then you'll get them.

Someone sent me an invite, but I didn't get it. Why not?
Most likely it is in your SPAM box. Another reason might be that that person typed your email wrong or left 'NOSPAM' after the '@'. Please be sure to get the address right when you send an invite.

I have invites to spare, how do I donate them?
We will try to keep the list updated as often as possible. Just send your invite to the person next in line and comment on the Invite post as to whom you sent it to.

I got two (or more) invites. Can I use them both?
Frankly, we can't stop you, but it would be really rude of you to do so. Please forward extra invites to someone on the list that needs it.

How do I get a question answered?
Comment here and if it's worthy, I'll add it to this FAQ.

I was on the list, now I'm not. What happened?
Maybe it was commented that someone sent you an invite. You should check your spam folder. Also, if you violated the Code of Conduct, then you may have been removed.

What is the Code of Conduct
You may not double comment (sending requests on more than one Gmail chain)
You may not put yourself on the list more than once by using multiple email addresses.
You must agree to donate at least half of your invites to our blog.
You may not attempt to obtain an invite from a member when it's not your turn
You may not cuss and/or act like a fool on our blog.

Why was my comment deleted?
After we record your request we no long need your comment, so we delete it. Also, if you commented on the wrong bored (no tolerance!) we will delete it. If you left out your name or email address, we will delete your comment.

How does the list order get determined? me. It is mostly on a first come, first serve basis. The people who we brought over from Melissa's blog are considered first, but actually commented on the wrong post over on her blog. They aren't entitled to special priveleges and therefore could be bumped down, but it's not too likely. Secondly, if you act like a fool (ex: commenting millions of times without putting your email before you realize we need it) then you may not get to high on the list. Keep it short and sweet, say you promise to Pay it Forward and you'll get on the list.

Miscellaneous Chit Chat

This is especially for all you people obsessed with commenting! Sorry about our no tolerance policy on incorrectly placed comments, but we're hoping to keep more organized than Melissa's blog. Feel free to comment whatever here. (but if you ask for an invite, you won't be put on our list unless you get the right post)

Monday, June 14, 2004

Gmessenger Concept

I just started a new blog: Click here

Use the new Blog to give feedback for Gmessenger, the Instant Messenger that I hope Google will create.